Artist's statement

I draw from a large and varied amount of sources to make my works. They cover a series of projects ranging form practical to purely imaginative. Each conveys a variety of levels  of meaning depending on the viewer's own state of mind and world view. They are meant to be either purely  visually stimulating or hold some deeper philosophical of morale message. Think a secular poor man's bible.      

About the artist:

Chris Schinkel was born in the Hudson Valley   and attended Manhattanville Collage,  graduating in 2015 with a BFA (Cum Laude) in studio art,  with departmental honors, along with a minor in art history. Drawing ideas from H.P.Lovecraft, art history, contemporary literature, pulp fantasy art, Greek and Roman mythology,  Occultism and  Surrealism he creates works allowing the viewer's mind to derive meanings on  levels beyond the purely visual or constrained by the "isms" of contemporary society. By freeing the viewer from the world of the ordinary the experience can be enlightening, challenging one's established world view. 

Working mostly in oil on canvas and multi media drawings, he has also produced works in plaster ,wood, acrylics on canvas, ink on satin, ceramic pottery, and a variety of sculptures.


Art, and design work from Chris Schinkel